Every week in Bindi is different.

We have a board of specials that change weekly giving you the chance to try dishes from all over india incorporating, as always, the fresh products from the Island…

Where your culinary trip around Asia begins…….

Welcome to BINDI to a unique menu that caters for all tastes.  Like the traders and adventurers before us, we’ve travelled around Asia to bring back our favourite dishes for you to try. We’ve recreated the flavours and aromas traditionally found at the eternally bustling street-markets and just like in kitchens across Asia, we make our sauces and stocks here every day from the freshest market produce


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Welcome to a unique menu in BINDI, a menu that caters for tastes.  We have created an asian kitchen using a blend of natural & traditional flavours, keeping the authentic aromas of both Asian & Indian cuisine.

In BINDI we do things a little bit different.  Instead of having a selection of plates that can be made vegan or vegetarian, we have the whole menu that is vegan/vegetarian, for those of you that would like to add fish, prawns or chicken the option is there.

All our dishes are made to order so you can guarantee that every dish that leaves the kitchen is made specially for you.

In BINDI we make eating a pleasure, a time to enjoy and enjoy the time…….

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